At Corpus Christi we aim to develop children’s confidence and enjoyment of writing by giving them a purpose to write. Alongside teaching technical skills - spelling, grammar and handwriting - we aim to nurture their creativity and passion. Children enjoy writing at Corpus Christi and we ensure this happens by having a variety of approaches to writing. Children learn stories and non-fiction pieces prior to structuring their own writing based on ones they have learned. We provide children with opportunities to dramatise their ideas and perform which gives them an in depth understanding of characters and plots which they can then draw upon when writing. Links are made across the curriculum to connect learning and make writing meaningful.

Our children are effective readers. By teaching phonic knowledge and spelling patterns, children blend and segment words to gain meaning from texts.Children quickly become confident and consolidate this learning in a practical context playing games, using sounds and engaging in spelling investigations. These skills are woven into a curriculum which promotes a love of reading and places an emphasis on learning to read early which then allows our children to read to learn. We use high quality texts and ensure children are exposed to a variety of text types and authors to allow then to develop a love for books.


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Reading Newsletters

At Corpus Christi, we are passionate about reading. We love to see and hear children talking about different books, whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry or picture books. As part of this, we would like to keep parents up-to-date with all the wonderful reading activities that happen in school.  Click the pdf below to view our reading newsletter from the Autumn term. 

Reading Newsletters

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Parent Leaflets

Below you will find information about what children should be able to do by the end of each year.

Parent Leaflets- English

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