We believe that the personal, social and health education of our children underpins all their learning and is central in preparing our children so that they can reach their full potential and become responsible and caring citizens in our culturally diverse society. PSHE & British Values education ad Corpus Christ Primary is planned, developmental programme of learning through which children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future. At our school we feel it equips pupils to live happy, healthy, safe, productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives. At Corpus Christi we believe that PSHE education can help reduce or remove many of the barriers to learning experience by pupils, therefore significantly improving their capacity to learn and achieve.

We develop community within school through structured systems which provide fair process for children. These are well understood by all and promote happiness in school. We have a very active pupil voice within school which represent the views of our children. Our pupil voice groups meet regularly and do a lot of work within school on behalf of our children and link with the local community. They have been responsible for raising a number of funds for different community needs. This reinforces our teaching of the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, liberty and to show tolerance, respect and understanding to others as well as a social, moral and cultural understanding of all members of our local, national and global society of which we are all a vital part. We believe that as a Catholic school we should do all of this in a Christ-centred and child- centred way therefore developing pupils' spiritual understanding too.

As a school, we recognise that we need to equip our pupils with skills for life which include making informed and reasonable choices around money. With this in mind we wanted to become involved in Young Money with the Centre of Excellence to empower our pupils and their parents to make sensible choices around money.


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