Design Technology at Corpus Christi develops our children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, electrical control, mechanisms and a wide variety of materials, including food. Our Design and Technology curriculum encourages children to problem solve and develop and adapt their ideas to create a range of products.

Design Technology helps our children to understand that all the things we use in our everyday lives have a carefully thought out purpose and audience. At Corpus Christi children learn through practical activities and develop their creativity. We feel that it is essential to nurture innovation by exploring everyday products carefully.

Design Technology

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Cooking at Corpus Christi

We aim to provide pupils with regular opportunities to create a wide range of healthy dishes. By developing pupils’ knowledge of how to prepare, cook and combine different ingredients and simultaneously providing them with the practical skills to follow different recipes, we aim to ensure that all pupils leave school with the ability to feed themselves and others, both affordably and well. Work is completed in our assigned cooking room.


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