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Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

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What is the TNLP Co-operative Trust? The Temple Newsam Learning Partnership Trust is a group of schools and partners who are working together for the benefit of the community as a whole. The Trust celebrates the differences and uniqueness of each school but also has a shared vision and a common set of values. The Trust is aiming to develop a community which ensures that pupils and their families are supported to improve life chances. A Co-operative is independent but agrees to work within a set of internationally agreed values and principles.

Which schools and partners are a part of the TNLP Co-Operative Trust? Meadowfield Primary, Corpus Christi Primary, Corpus Christi College, Temple Moor High School, Templenewsam Halton Primary, Whitkirk Primary, Colton Primary, Austhorpe Primary, East SILC, Children’s Centres, YMCA, Leeds City Council Children’s Services, Barnardos and the Co-operative College.

What are Co-operative values and principles?

  • Self-help – helping people to help themselves
  • Self-responsibility – being responsible for our own actions
  • Democracy – having an equal say in how things are run
  • Equality – everybody should be treated justly and fairly
  • Equity – being treated fairly and justly
  • Solidarity - taking joint responsibility and supporting others
  • Honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others


Who owns a Co-operative? A Co-operative is owned and led by its members. That is why the TNLP have chosen this way of working.


Who can become a member? Staff of a Trust School, students/pupils on roll in a Trust School, parents and carers of children attending a Trust School, community organisations working with the Trust


What are the responsibilities of being a member? You can be involved at any level. Some Co-operatives have members who simply receive a newsletter. Others choose to be more active through consultations, forums and events. The more active members the Trust has the better they can shape the work of the Trust.


What are the benefits of being a member of the Trust? These are currently being developed.

Children - Priority booking to Trust holiday activities and after school clubs, develop projects such as the Multi-Use Games Area, access to joint activities and special events, have a say in how the Trust is run and what activities are offered in the community.

Parents/Carers - Reduction in costs of holiday activities, long term support for children and families, have a say in the way the Trust is run.

Staff in schools – Joint training, shared access to Trust facilities, opportunities to share best practice, shared resources, have a say in the way the Trust is run.

Community organisations – Plan & develop shared projects based on local need, have a say in the way the Trust is run.

Do you have voting rights? In a co-operative voting is done on a “one member, one vote” principle where each member has an equal say.

Does Trust membership cost anything? No the TNLP is free to join – Click here for more details.  


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