Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement and Aims


Mission Statement

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School exists to provide educational and spiritual opportunities through which every member of its community may be encouraged to strive for excellence and be helped towards developing those talents given to them by God.


Within Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School we aim to provide a safe, happy and caring environment in which individuals have the opportunity to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, social and physical potential.

            We aim to provide our children with the knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes, which will enable them to take their full place in the community and add to their success in life.

            We aim to foster within the children a sense of self respect, esteem and motivation, responsibility and consideration for others and the environment, and to help our children to become more spiritually aware by encouraging a love of God and love of one another.

We aim to provide equal opportunities for all.